Who we are

Besme Group for International Assistance is an independent non-profit organization that has no political or religious affiliation, and adheres to the principles of humanitarian and rights-based work, and adopts a policy of respecting human rights principles, especially the rights of women and children. Besme has a team of people with extensive experience in the field of humanitarian, legislative and developmental in Lebanon, and it takes Beirut as its headquarters. Besme has a training center with a group of experienced trainers and associate consultants working on each project that is implemented within the framework of human rights, development and peace-building, as well as a specialized team in the field of scientific research, which helps support the implementation of projects on a scientific basis.


Our vision is to draw a smile on people’s faces by improving their quality of life and promoting human dignity without any discrimination based on the principles of the International Bill of Human Rights and all relevant international documents.


Besme’s message is: A human being is the highest and finest of all creatures, and his/her dignity is in securing and maintaining his/her rights.

Our mission is summarized through our prompt response to humanitarian crises through projects in sustainable development in all social, cultural and economic aspects, and by empowering members of society, especially youth and women, and improving their quality of life in all its aspects.

We also work to build capacities through projects that support the social and psychological stability of individuals and ensure their sustainability to achieve human security.

Work Domain

Besme Group’s primary purpose is to be present and effective in areas requiring crisis management affected by natural disasters and armed conflict, both through rapid intervention in the early stages, by providing relief supplies to those affected, improving the living conditions of communities in conflict-affected areas, and combating poverty in these regions, both those resulting from the influx of refugees from neighboring countries and those caused by the instability of internal political, economic and social conditions, or by working to avoid or exacerbate crises in conflict areas through the promotion of peace and human security, social integration and cohesion during the post-crisis period, in addition to conducting studies and scientific research that identify the problem and crystallize the required solutions.

Besme Group also gives the utmost importance to the overall concept in achieving sustainable development.

It currently operates in Lebanon and ready to be where it is needed.


To best achieve its mission, Besme focuses on four core areas:

Disaster Assistance and Recovery: Besme’s primary objective is to participate in the managing and handling of disasters caused by natural catastrophes or armed conflicts. It is committed to assist not only in the initial stages of disaster recovery, but also in the management of their unavoidable consequences. Besme provides assistance and aid to those in need. It also
focuses on improving the living conditions in the affected communities, as well as in the neighboring regions that are inevitably impacted.

Poverty Eradication: Besme believes that combating poverty in areas of conflict and
crises – for example due to the influx of immigrants from neighboring countries or caused by internal political turmoil – helps the affected individuals and the local communities that sustains them. Lifting communities out of poverty permits them to satisfy their basic needs, provides them with a minimum level of safety and protection, and reduces human exploitation and

Social Inclusion: Besme believes that social isolation, especially in the Middle East, can lead to extremism, particularly among the 15 to 45-year-old group, for they are more likely to resort to joining extremist armed groups. As a countermeasure, Besme strives to avoid alienation by promoting social participation through a variety of means including the use of social and
cultural media.

Sustainable Livelihood: Besme gives great importance to the concept of sustainable livelihood. In addition to being ready to respond to any unexpected emergency, Besme is developing projects related to health care, education and social and economic progress, which improve the lives of those most in need and allow them to build a financially secure future.

Target Groups

Besme mainly targets women and youth. In this context, it works to invest positively in youth as representatives of the promising future, both in development and peace. Besme Group adopts international conventions and documents regarding the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, and promotes the status of women in society and their role and participation in politics, economy, security and peace.


Besme seeks to work on effective and sustainable projects, and to achieve this goal, depends on the results of research, studies and scientific surveys in order to conduct the necessary consultations and solutions tailored to the basic human needs and improve the quality of life, in addition, Besme takes into account integrally all the information it collects and puts it on the ground of reality, and shares it with government institutions, municipalities, NGOs and international organizations, to make the necessary adjustments in order to adopt the solutions it offers, and then work on the development of precise strategies and implementation of appropriate programs.

The Headquarters

Besme is headquartered in Beirut – an important central area both demographically and geographically, both at the Lebanese and Middle Eastern levels.

Lebanon has been affected, and continues to suffer, from the civil war that erupted in 1975, which negatively affected the political, social and economic reality, in addition to the burdens of the country as a result of the Palestinian refugees as well as the influx of Syrians displaced due to the Syrian war since 2011.

Besme therefore places great emphasis on working in Lebanon, particularly in the capital Beirut, and focuses on the Hasbaya Al-Arqoub area in southern Lebanon, where the level of socio-economic development is very low due to internal migration to Beirut and poor government provision, as well as conflicts over the southern border of Lebanon. Besme also works in the cities of Tyre and Saida and their surroundings, in addition to the Palestinian camps and Iqlim Al-Kharroub region in Chouf, and has expanded its activities to Marjaayoun. In the North it works in Tripoli and Akkar, and in Bekaa it functions in Baalbek-Hermel, where there is urgent need due to the non-delivery of services to the region and an increase in poverty and unemployment rates, and therefore, the poor areas in Beirut, the rural and bordering areas and the suburbs always come on top of its agenda.

In parallel with the development of local projects in Lebanon, Besme seeks to form regional and international partnerships, especially in the Arab countries, to unify and combine humanitarian efforts in areas of ongoing unrest, and seeks to establish sustainable projects in Syria and Yemen after closely monitoring the situation in both countries closely.


Besme International Humanitarian Group relies on unconditional funding from internationally recognized entities and has secured partnerships with a group of private companies and donors.  In order to strengthen its effectiveness, Besme seeks to establish self-funding projects and activities that maintain and enhance its programs’ impact.

Meet the Team

Ziad Khaled

Legal Advisor


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